Monday, November 26, 2012

Seven Cyber-Monday Deals for the Backcountry Skier

How many First Ascent items can you spot?
While everyone was out getting the jump on their holiday shopping this weekend, you were probably doing some lame thing like spending time with family, climbing a mountain or getting in a few last runs of mountain biking.  Now you only have a month of shopping left!  Have no fear, because today is internet shopping day.  The day the state tax collector hates.

So while you're cruising around feeding the flames of your internet shopping addiction, be sure to check out our seven favorite deals for the backcountry skier.  Why seven?  Cause we couldn't settle on five.

Number Seven: Garmont Radium Boots

Our favorite alpine touring boot for an excellent price.

Number Six:  G3 All Mountain Telemark Cartridges

For the tele skiers out there.  Normally $49, they are $9.  Ridiculous.

Number Five:  EMS -20 Mountain Light Sleeping Bag

For someone looking to get into winter camping, this is the most expensive piece of equipment, as well as the most important.  Don't skimp.  Why not get it when the best deals are available?

Andy loves this bag.

Number Four:  Ibex Nomad Hoody

This is Gered's favorite piece of clothing.  We wish he would wash it more often.

Number Three: K2 Backup Skis

These aren't the best backcountry ski deal (see below), but they are excellent on East Coast crud, and have some rocker for the occasional Nor'easter powder day.  (Note that there's an extra 20% off at checkout when you enter the deal code: "Superbig")

Number Two:  Anything from First Ascent

It's 40% off today.  If you need any piece of outdoor clothing you really can't go wrong.  They also carry backpacks and -30 winter sleeping bags.

We're  fond of  the Rainier Shell Jacket, Guide Gloves and baselayers.  But especially the Hangfire Hoody and Igniter Jacket which are two of Andy's favorite pieces of clothing. Ever.
(Make sure to enter the code "Ice" at checkout to get the 40% off deal)

Number One:  K2 Shuksans

These are a steal at about $150.  With two metal layers these are perfect for piste skiing or cutting through crud, which also makes them perfect for spring skiing on the Adirondack slides or the bowls of Mt. Washington.  These are stiff, so if you are a tele-skier who is on the fence about which size to get, my advice is go shorter.  (Note that there's an extra 20% off at checkout when you enter the deal code: "Superbig")


  1. What're the weight on the base layers like? I find "midweight" and "expedition" to be so variable from one brand to another....

    1. I will usually wear the expedition layer pants with my Marmot Randonee Bib (which dosn't have insulation)for downhill skiing on cold days and be comfortable. I usually bring the midweight plus the expedition weight on winter camping trips. The good news is that if it doesn't meet your needs, they have a pretty liberal return policy.

  2. Pretty awesome to pick up that hoodie AND a couple sets of base layer for basically the same price as the equivalent Patagucci R1 hoodie.

  3. you never have to wash wool. to prove that fact, i've been wearing the same pare of undies since the tent sale in October.