Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Is Thin Cover Month

Baldface showing a little stubble.

Just like the thin cover of creepy facial hair that sweeps across men's faces in November, so too is the terrain transformed by a thin cover of snow.
I haven't made it any secret that I detest November with a passion.  I know the ladies can't stand that every other guy looks like he's auditioning for the "creepy drifter" part in Stephen King movie.

For me the end of the mountain biking season coupled with the dull gray hue to everything makes me want to curl up in the fetal position in my room with Alice in Chains on the headphones.

I'm always looking for ways to ease my suffering: to get an early start on the backcountry ski season.  One strategy is to retreat to the Thin Cover Sanctuaries.  While your local orthopedic surgeon would like you to stick to the groomed slopes until January, some choice spots are ready for traffic by late November.  Just remember: never-ever-ever venture into the woods until January.  Ever.

So, in honor of the new Lincoln movie, here's my video from a trip into Lincoln Gap, VT last year.  My apologies if your neck gets a little stiff watching the video.  I had my gangster-lean in full effect.


  1. That is some gangsta-lean... nice video regardless.

  2. The dangers of skiing alone: no one is there to tell you your helmet cam is crooked.