Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dawn Patrol in Heli-Free Weston

Improper bag placement technique.  -1pt
I got up a little early this morning.

Last night during the height of the Nor'Easter, the snow was piling up on my front doorstep. Like a kid on the night before Christmas, all I could think about was getting to a snow covered slope this morning.

So, in honor of the Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo starting today, I leaped out of bed at 4:30am and headed to a local hill before the rains were scheduled to arrive.

I pulled into an empty parking lot in the early morning light, and did my first hike of the season in ski boots.

I dug a stability pit and it indicated that
a big slide might result in buried ankles.
The snow was less of the "dust-on-crust" and more "oatmeal on grass" variety.  But I found some wind loaded spots, worked around the rocks, and by God I made some turns.

I know there was a coyote in the woods watching and thinking
"WTF is he doing?"
More of a dress-rehearsal than an actual dawn patrol, I figure I was still the first to get turns in Boston.

If the photo quality sucks, go artistic.

And if you have no idea what the heck that title means, watch this to be in on the joke..


  1. i cannot believe you've relegated my beloved voodoos to a rock ski. shame on you howard. shame on you.

    glad to hear living with a toddler at your teet has finally made a morning bird out of you.

    1. There is no higher honor for an aging pair of skis than to become the rock skis before going to the giant ski rack in the sky. Besides, I need an excuse for some new skis.

  2. sweet! nice work.