Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A New Old Resource for East Coast Skiers

Right there between bird watching and lighthouses.

I received a photo from my friend Keith yesterday.  Keith, who has sworn off winter camping and backcountry skiing, had noticed a book on backcountry skiing at the local Borders. He hadn't seen me reading it yet, so naturally had to pass it along.  

My first thought:  Aha! Keith is now noticing books on backcountry skiing.  Maybe our campfire chat did him some good, and there is hope for him after all.

My second thought: What?  A book about East Coast backcountry skiing that I've never heard of?!

Well, a quick Amazon search revealed that this is a new version of two older books.  It appears David Goodman has combined his two previous volumes on backcountry skiing into one book covering both New England and New York.  I'm curious to see if he's added any new destinations to his reviews.

This would be a good resource for those looking for an introduction to backcountry skiing in the East.


  1. This Keith guy sounds like an awesome guy.

  2. Awesome post, just bought it. Always looking for good BC spots in the neighborhood. Had previously coveted the old edition which sells on Amazon for over $2,700!!!!

  3. Holy collector's item Batman! Save those old editions.