Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to Noreaster Backcountry

One day you're sitting on the chair lift. Freezing your ass off as some gas powered turbine engine powers you to the top of the mountain where you can study the trail map and navigate your way down the green, blue and black dots to the bottom. You notice that patch of trees to the left. A little voice chimes in "c'mon... just jump in there. Do a few turns and pop out."

Now that wasn't so bad. It was kinda fun actually. Congratulations! You've just tried glade skiing: the gateway drug to a whole new addiction that awaits.

Or maybe you're cruising the wide open gravel roads of the Middlesex Fells or Blue Hills and suddenly you see a shoulder-width trail diverging to the right. You dive in, testing the front suspension on that bike you bought at REI.

Oh! This is singletrack. The trees are whipping by like you're flying through the forests of Endor.

Your glades get bigger, the roads get further away, and the next thing you know, you're huffing up some hiking trail at six in the morning with a winter sleeping bag in your pack to try and ski a 30 degree slide that you noticed from the highway. Or maybe it's midnight and the flood light on your bike reveals roots, boulders and an occasional porcupine as you rocket your way down a glorified streambed to find the trail back to your car.

Where the hell are you?

Welcome.  You've found your way to the Noreaster Backcountry.

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  1. i think randonee andy should get his ass up to Jay next weekend and do a randonee race so he has some good material for his next blog post!