Thursday, January 28, 2010

An AT Setup for less than $100!!

I recently came across a couple of deals on Ebay, that combined, can get you on your way into the backcountry for less than the price of two days of skiing at Stowe.

I've already taken advantage of the first deal:
Karhu 10th Mtn. Division Skis

These skis are light, with full metal edges, and for an extra $20 you can get the skins needed for steeper trails.  That makes it $50 for skis and skins.  Given that these are waxable, you will need to learn the dark art of waxing and corking in order to survive on the backcountry trails.  My friend Justin can tell you all about the horrors of an unwaxed set of these skis on the Bolton trail in Vermont.

I'll give my full write-up on these skis later, however so far I've been pleasantly surprised with their ability to hold an edge on groomed hardpack-- despite the fact that they are cambered in the middle.  You'll notice that the seller also has a 210 cm version for those of you a little "huskier" , or those looking for a good "distance" ski.

The second deal is for an old school Fritschi binding.  
 Fritschi Binding


At $27 these are by no means state of the art.  They are a little heavy, and you need to step out of them to switch from ski to tour mode... and to shovel coal into them.  But then again you need to step out of a supposedly state of the art Dynafit binding to change modes.  At 1/10th the price of a state of the art binding, I might even be willing to do a lap around the skis and a handstand before switching modes.

Did I mention they are $27?! 

Throw these on the skis, lock in your resort boots, and voila.... you are ready to start cruising the backcountry trails.

If you decide you like it, then invest in a better pair of boots, and then a better binding.

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