Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hokkaidoborough, New Hampshire

South of Concord and West of Nashua stands a magical mountain that reveals itself only on the deepest of powder days.  It is the mystical land known as Hokkaidoborough, New Hampshire.

Thought by most to be a legend,  I stumbled across it after a late January Nor'easter dumped two feet of snow in the mountains and opened a magical portal.  We traveled in time to a ski area forgotten by all but NELSAP and Google Earth.

It was obvious the local elves had hard at work preparing the forest for snow's arrival.   Out of respect for them we don't dare speak the name of the mountain where the portal appeared.  But it was at the end of a short trail, and not far from the masses.

We climbed to the sky on a hard packed snowmobile trail. 

Then floated through quiet forests....

...., down narrow trails....

...and on top of rocks.

There was so much snow we went back for seconds.

We left only traces of joyous descents in the trees.  And prayed to Ullr for more snow.


  1. How rocky was the old lift line?

    1. It was hardly rocky at all.. Just the concrete tower bases running down the middle. They were best avoided, though, as some had rebar poking up through.

  2. Note that your best bet for parking is at the nearby ski area, then skinning over to these trails. The locals don't appreciate parking along the road below. In addition, be sure to avoid leaving any trash, making alot of noise, or urinating in high traffic spots. You know... the basics.