Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is the Year: Alaska Heli-Ski Video

There is only one guy I know who is more fanatical about skiing than Andy: My friend Ben Szekely.

Ben has been gracious to lead me down some of the best lines I have ever skied and this past spring he set some of his own personal bests out in Girdwood, Alaska heli-skiing with Chugach Powder Guides. He put together this video of his footage for a CGP/GoPro contest.

While this guy can rip some big lines, Ben is based in Boston and hones his chops on New England slopes like the rest of us. The brief East Coast cameo in the video is likely the first time heli-skiing and Bretton Woods have ever been associated with one another.

Check out the video and let Ben know what you think.


  1. That's just great Brad. Now I want to go to Alaska. Thanks for that.

    Some great skiing and good music choices too.

  2. Thanks Andy - would be great to get out skiing with you guys. I'm not the fastest skinner and I have a pretty heavy AT setup, but I'd like to get into some east coast touring.

  3. Anytime Ben. Always nice to have a real skier along to show us how it's done.