Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New England Ski Movie Premieres

 "Solitaire" from Sweetgrass Productions

In the next few weeks, skiers will gather in bars, theaters, and auditoriums to pay homage to last year's ski season.  This rite of passage marks the beginning of the new ski year, and helps us all survive the waste of a month that is November. (Well, at least for those of us who don't have hunting licenses.)

I did a little research to figure out where we can catch the premieres of some of the sexy looking new films, and my needlessly obsessive research is your gain.

“Solitaire” Sweetgrass Productions (Voted Best Cinematography at IF3) 
            Boston, MA (Venue TBD), 12/3/11
            Providence, RI (Venue TBD), 12/2/11
            Burlington, VT (Venue TBD), 12/8/11

“After Dark” Level 1 Productions (Voted Best Editing at IF3)
            Burlington, VT 10/14/11, CC Theatre (UVM) 8:30PM
            Orono, ME, 11/18/11, Univ. of Maine Orono, TBD
            Mount Snow, VT, 12/3/11, TBD         

            Cambridge, MA 10/18/11, Brattle Theater, 7 & 9 PM
            Burlington, MA 11/16/11, Ski Haus, 6 & 9 PM
            Rockport, MA 11/18/11, Rockport HS, TBD
            Portland, ME, 10/28/11, Portland City Music Hall, 7PM
            Portsmouth, NH, 10/26/11, The Music Hall, 7PM
            Mount Snow, VT, 12/3/11, TBD
            Middlebury, VT, 11/18/11, Middlebury College, TBD
            Burlington, VT, 10/25/11, Higher Ground, 7PM
            Danbury, CT, 12/3/11, The Palace Theatre, 8PM        

"Breaking Trail" Powderwhore Productions
            Montpelier, VT 10/13/11, Savoy Theater, 7PM

            Boston, MA, 11/15/11, The Royale

            Boston, MA, 11/15/11, The Royale

“All I Can” Sherpas Cinemas (Voted Best Documentary at IF3)
            Burlington, VT, 11/5/11, Higher Ground, TBD
            Stowe, VT, 11/26/2011, The Rusty Nail, TBD
“One for the Road” Teton Gravity Research (Voted Best Soundtrack at IF3)
            Montpelier, VT, 10/15/11, TBD
            Burlington, VT, 11/9/11, Higher Ground, TBD
            Boston, MA, 11/10/11, IMAX Aquarium, TBD
            Boston, MA, 11/11/11, IMAX Aquarium, TBD

*A lot more local showings listed online
Somerville, MA, 11/9/11, Somerville Theater, 7:00PM
Somerville, MA, 11/10/11, Somerville Theater, 7:00/10:00PM
Boston, MA, 11/11/11, Berklee Performance Ctr.,6:30/9:30PM
            Boston, MA, 11/12/11, Berklee Performance Ctr.,6:00/12:00PM
            Keene, NH, 11/8/11, Colonial Theatre, 7:30PM
            Lebanon, NH, 11/10/11, Lebanon Opera House, 7:30PM
            Bretton Woods, NH, 11/25/11, The Slopeside Pub, 7:00PM
            Burlington, VT, 11/1/11, The Flynn Theater, 8:00PM
            Burlington, VT, 11/2/11, The Flynn Theater, 8:00PM
            Portland, ME, 11/11/11, Merrill Auditorium, 6:30/9:30PM
            Burlington, VT, 9/30/11, Davis Center, UVM, 8:00PM

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