Monday, February 22, 2010

Duck Duck Get Hit in the Head with a Stick

While discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the recent helmet fad around dinner a few weeks ago, I decided that if I was to continue bashing ski helmets I should at least try one out to see how poorly I perform without the keen sense of hearing and broad field of vision my hat head allows for.

It's not that I don't have the excuse of not having a helmet to try. I have one, and I've worn it, and I think it serves a real purpose. For one, it is great to wear bike commuting in the winter. The lack of chilling air vents aside, there are numerous disadvantages. To start, I found it in a dumpster, it's 10 years old, and weighs 200 pounds. And makes you deaf as a door knob. So, I've never worn it skiing.

That all changed the other day when I saw this beauty. One of the lightest helmets on the market, great vent control (super warm) and DOLBY Surround (tm) quality sound built in. And, it's blue. Love at first sight.

Now having field tested my new Smith Maze helmet I've learned a few things and have, mostly, changed my opinion on helmet usage. First, ski helmets are warmer than hats. Point to helmets. Second, hats are still way cooler than helmets. Even blue helmets will never trump pom-pom. Point to hats. Third, helmets are WAY less safe than hats. I mainly use my helmet as a battering ram. Yesterday I didn't batter a low hanging pine bow quite enough and it hit the space between glasses and helmet. Point to pine branch. Negative two points to my head. Now that I am a helmet wearer, I've also taken to hucking and jibbing trees and boulders while BC. Not sure this is a safer activity than it was sans helmet, but heck it's a lot more fun so I guess I don't really care.

So I'm going to continue wearing my new helmet. Mainly because it is blue, but also because it, when used properly, makes an awesome BC snow plow out of my head and I guess I kind of feel safer with than without. Now, I'd be completely carefree if Andy finally learns to ski so I'm not out there perpetually afraid he's going to break his big fat lawyer ass and force me to drag him back to town on a pine bow polk.

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  1. Yeah I have to agree, my helmet keeps me nice and warm too. Especially all that time I spend waiting at the bottom of the runs for you to finish kicking the trees and yelling words like jib, huck and awesome.