Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rudy Traded

Even great players sometimes need to move on.

My ski line-up was reloaded in the off-season with some new talent, and well, it looked like Rudy was going to languish on the bench.

My comfort and confidence with the G3 Onyx binding has been growing and a couple powder days in the glades on my new Voodoos sealed it.

Admit it. You cried over the volleyball too.
So, thanks to the folks at North Conway's IME and their consignment basement for finding Rudy a new owner so quickly.

Not since Wilson from Cast Away have I shared such a strong bond with a piece of sports equipment.  Rudy and I discovered the backcountry together.

It was hard to let him go, but hopefully he'll be out there again, leading another lost soul to the promised land.

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