Thursday, December 16, 2010

NOAA meets Google Earth and the Results are Nerdtastic!

I can see my freezer buildup from here.

NOAA and Google Earth have an icy love child, and that child's name is The National Snow Analyses 3D Interface

With daily updates, it provides 3D information on snowpack across the country for obsessive nerds like myself.

This is similar to the color coded maps I've linked to the main page, however information is provided for all of the Continental US and Canada.  Thus you can discover depressing tidbits like northern Georgia currently has more snow cover than Massachusetts.  Don't believe me?  Well go ahead and download today's .kmz file and open it up in Google Earth.

Note that it takes a few seconds for the data to fully download and even longer if you're using your Commodore 64. 

Thanks to jibmaster on the Telemark Talk forum for introducing me to this sexy new snow analysis tool.

Now go find some snow cover and get out there for some turns this weekend.

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