Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rudy Reborn: Better, Stronger, Faster

"We can make him better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster."

From Sean Astin to Steve Austin, Rudy is reborn.  It didn't exactly cost six million dollars, or even six dollars for that matter, but Rudy's back and better than before.

 The folks at Salewa USA, the North American distributors of Silvretta (and Dynafit) bindings have come to Rudy's rescue.  After a couple of emails a pair of replacement toe pieces arrived free of charge.

I noticed immediately that the replacement toe pieces were a darker gray than the originals.  Sure enough, they were from the Pure Freeride (as opposed to Pure Performance) binding, and are composed of a different material.  The Salewa representative indicated that the Freeride toes are interchangeable and less likely to break than the Performance toes.

Indeed, the new toe plastic feels and sounds more like rubber and less like crystal.

Incidentally, I also fixed my brand new backcountry ski poles that were totaled by the snowboarder on Jay Peak.  Black Diamond sells replacement parts for their ski poles at extremely reasonable prices: a handy service that saved me a lot of whining about snowboarders.

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