Monday, December 17, 2012

Two Amazing Polar Adventures

This has very little to do with New England, but I know you folks who read this blog are the adventurous sort so I thought I'd mention a couple expeditions going on right this moment way the heck down South (as in the South Pole) that are pretty frickin' awesome.

First, renowned polar explorer Eric Larsen is biking (yes I said biking) to the South Pole.  This one is just getting going.  Follow him at the Cycle South website.

Although there are no cars, he still expects
to get the finger from penguins.
The second expedition is headlined by Xavier De La Rue and Lucas Debari who are snowboarding remote peaks in Antarctica.  Check out their adventures here.

If the folks from Alta had their way, this would be the only legal
place for snowboarders.

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