Thursday, December 6, 2012

Map of Northeast Mountain Biking Trail Reports

I will now start sorting through the angry emails from mountain bikers in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Now that I finally brought order to our backcountry skiing chaos, I was inspired to clean up the mess that was our mountain biking trip reports.

Only a few Bothans died
to bring you this map.
Having pissed off the traditionally secretive backcountry ski community with the map of our backcountry ski adventures, I've decided to alienate our other key demographic: mountain bikers.

Truth be told, most mountain bikers could care less if their local trails got a little more press.

Map of our Northeast Mountain Biking Trail Reports

Despite the Bothan death toll, I'm happy with our new map.  Especially because now I have more time for my favorite new hobby (..okay, fetish):

What are the Brits up to?

This week's installment comes from , where Kids Wind Up Animal Torches are actually much less sinister than they sound.

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