Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Weston Singletracks (September 2012)

The bike was tired.  I was fine though. Really.
I took a couple hours on Saturday afternoon to make my first return to Weston after my July visit and do some more exploring of the singletrack offerings.

I climbed to the top of Cat Rock Park Hill and found some slippery bedrock
and a steep open trail running up the face.  I was consumed with thoughts
of it covered in three feet of snow.

I followed the singletrack running along the abandoned rail line, all the way to Wayland.

The transmission towers kept me company.  I even convinced one to take my photo.

I occasionally ducked into the woods for singletrack that was beckoning.
It promised to take me places majestic and mysterious.
It didn't disappoint.


  1. A friend at work lives near there and has been showing me maps of the trail network in there. It looks extremely vast with a ton of acreage. It also sounds like it's mostly cross rideable (although that photo of the huge rock didn't look so fun on a cross bike).

  2. Lots of trails in Fiske Town Forest. I also found some trails closer to Wayland. Definitely cx-able. The bedrock was from the top of Cat Rock Park which is optional.

  3. Oh man, this looks like a great trail! Thanks for enlightening me!