Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nor'Easter Alert!

Put those shorts back in the closet.
Get ready to hear some serious whining from the golfers in your life, as the greens won't be regulation ready for another few weeks.  There's one big storm on the way this Friday, which has the potential to leave over a foot of snow from the Berkshires through the White Mountains, with more to follow next week!

Double Rainbow!  Whoa! What does it mean!
(Note that New Hampshire has just plain given up and surrendered to winter.  They don't even care how much snow they're getting anymore.  Somebody go check on them. )

But, wait, there's more!  Check out the precipitation threat graphic from NOAA released yesterday.  It has us in the bullseye for not one, but TWO significant events.


Note the large area slated to get precipitation from the April 4-6 event. That large a bubble is the NOAA equivalent of, "This thing is going to be so goddamn big we better just tell everyone from Texas to Maine to hunker down."  The weather guru over at Famous Internet Skiers is betting that this second event will also most likely fall as snow across the region.  (See the last sentence)

So if you see your golfer friends over the next few days, be sure to give them a hug and tell them that you'll likely see them after the spring skiing season had ended............ in June.


  1. No. Thank YOU guys for the awesome weather intel. You've been the go-to source all winter.