Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Park City is for POW Lovers

I can't say that there was really any POW on our Park City day, given that it hadn't snowed in a week or two when we got there, and unlike the Deery Valley, people do ski out of bounds and abuse nature's dandruff at the Park. Well, Nor'Easter BC doesn't take this kind of POW abuse lightly. When the average man abuses what nature so gratiously has given, then it's up to the better man to make his own tracks. Uphill. And over the edge.

Special thanks to Nor'Easter's new poster boy for big balls, Justin Crocker. These shots wouldn't have been possible if his hearty, frigid NEK way of life hadn't frozen his nerves and blood to absolute zero.

No fresh POW? Well those retaining walls sure are wind-loaded. As I often say to Andy, huck it or suck it. Andy did a lot of sucking it.

Let's first start by saying that the NEK breeds speed freaks. Not endurance athletes. Here's justin sucking wind to earn some turns:

But you can't blame him really. That pic was taken at the apex of the first arrow in this glorious panorama. The little black line shows how we schushed our way into skiing infamy. Yeah folks, that's a first descent right there. I swear.

And the money shot. Beauty eh?

Special thanks to Andy for taking these killer shots with my tele-photo from the base lodge, where he was stuck icing his vajayjay. Kudos to you. More fresh snow for us :)

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  1. I never saw the descent of the face, therefore it never happened. And that photo is totally shopped.