Friday, February 11, 2011

Jay Peak: Actual Views from the Top

If you've ever skied at Jay, you know there's no such thing as a perfect ski day. There are FANTASTIC ski days at Jay, but there are never perfect days because perfect is a tremendously subjective term. I've had fantastic ski days that my wife felt were horrible (see pic below) to be perfect and thus ruined the perfection by her thrice hourly coco breaks. I've also had fantastic backcountry powder days that were marred by 3 hrs of standing down in Montgomery Center on Rt. 242 waiting to hitch a ride back to the lodge.

Coco anyone?
A few weeks ago I did have a day at Jay that came pretty close to perfection though. -10 degrees. Free room and board at the Tram Haus Lodge. 6 inches of powder the night before. And 0 mph wind from no direction (that's almost the icing on the cake right there). To top it all off, visibility at the Tram summit was about 350 miles in every direction. Now there's something you don't get at Jay more than twice a lifetime.

Proof? You want PROOF???? Well eat it Frenchie. Here's your proof.

ps. -10 at Jay with 0 mph wind officially made this the warmest day I've EVER skied at Jay.

Big Jay, South Slopes. Is that Mansfield off in the Distance???

Big Jay North Slopes. Whiteface off in the Distance

Jay Peak Resort expansion area: 2013
Yup. That's the Presidentail Range with Burke Mountain, Mount Pisgah and Horrid in the foreground.

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