Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things you Suck at OTHER than Backcountry Skiing

It sucks to be really really rediculously bad at things you want to be good at, like skiing. If you can't be good at the things you want to be good at, then there's nothing to lose trying new stuff. This is a great personal maxim that has led me into dozens of cool new experiences and awkward situations too. What I like most is the idea that, you never know, maybe the thing you've never tried is something that you are so naturally gifted at that it's been your life calling to do whatever it is. You just never knew it.

Well folks, let me tell you, if you're considering taking up CURLING, the ancient sport of Scottish-Canadian inbred kings, there's nearly a 110% chance that you suck at it and will never ever ever be good at it.

At this week's Blogger's Summit the folks at Jay Peak let us on the ice at their brilliant new on-mountain Ice Haus Arena to try our hand at curling and hurling. I wanted to share some highlights with you. First, I managed to play two whole games (rounds? boughts? we never figured this one out) without dropping my beer. Great success! And two, I found that, while I suck at curling right now, I could see this being a great cross training option when I'm a little older. And a little portlier. Fits nicely somewhere between the end of ice fishing season, and the start of sugaring season here in VT.

To emphasize the enormous challenge that is curling, I thought I'd share a few pics with you from the event, taken of a man who wanted so very badly to be good at this sport. But, sadly, he sucks too. These are of Justin, a professional ski photographer who lives a few towns over from me in Woodstock, VT. I'm sure this is huge breach of his professional code of ethics, posting pics he didn't sign for. Send me a bill if you don't like my work Justin.  But I think my photo skillz rock because I made you look pretty good.

Step 1: Crouch down and look intensely down-ice. Prepare for the slide and release.
Step 2: Slide. Release. But not like Justin. Because this is totally wrong.
Step 4: Make up excuses about why you curl (hurl?) like a girl.
Step 5: Curse and shout. Even sweeping can't save you now.

Step 6: Give up. Sometimes people just aren't good at stuff.

I think the real highlight was when all the ski film geeks got their helmet cams out and lashed them to stones to get that awesome 180 wide angle shot of themselves intensely curling their stone out of bounds. Keep at it though folks - never ever miss an opportunity to see if you're good at something new. Because there's a pretty good chance that the backcountry just isn't your thing! Keep at that too though :) 


  1. curling and backcountry skiing? your blog is the exactly the same as mine...only I am in michigan.

    granted our "backcountry" is has less vertical than yours..and all our curling is DIY- but it is good to find a kindred spirit none the less.

    for DIY curling in michigan see:

  2. Nice! I'm sure what you guys lack in vertical you make up for in freshies.

    I can't help but notice that you are sporting the world famous White Skis.

    Not sure if you noticed but Gered, our resident athlete, won the telemark class at a local randonee race on those bad boys.

    I've also taken them on a few tours. Great skis. Best $25 I ever spent!

  3. I want another pair at 180- more pleasure from those skis than any other 25 dollar purchase i have made ever probably.

    thanks for following!