Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Bike Trainer Companion

Where are my biking shorts? 
So you're spinning away on the bike trainer for the entire month of November trying to maintain some of your mountain biking muscle for the upcoming ski season and you need something to keep you from completely losing your shit like Jack Torrance.

Enter the Ski Channel.

Tsacmoc! Tsacmoc!
The boy that lives in my mouth (who also issues profanity laden posts on the Time for Tuckerman Ski Forums) brought to my attention the fact that Comcast offers this channel through its on-demand menu.  There are plenty of ski movies and ski related content to get you through the month of November and pumped for the winter ahead.

While you're there, check out "Intrepid Descent" featuring Tuckerman's Bowl, or the aptly named "Flakes" for some backcountry telemark knee bending.

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